Your favorite sleeping position reveals a lot about your personality and at times about how you’re feeling in the moment.

 (1) Fetal Sleeping Position

If you sleep all curled up like a baby, then it means you are a very emotional person. This implies that you are introvert and really sensitive. You protect yourself by not opening up to other people. You are tough on the outside, shy on the inside. Sleeping in the fetal position may be good for your spine.

(2) Yearner Sleeping Position

If you sleep on your side with your arms stretched out in front of you, like you are reaching for something, you are a yearner. It implies that you have a very cynical personality and that you are always suspicious of other people’s intentions. It is never easy for you to make a decision. But once you do make up your mind, you are rigid about it. This sleeping position is good for those who are suffering from hip and back pain.

(3) Log Sleeping Position

People who sleep on their side with legs straight and arms straight down. It indicates that you have a very easy-going personality. You take life as it comes. Log sleepers are friendly, carefree, trusting, and social. These traits can make you a little gullible. It is said that the log position is good for those who snore but bad for people with arthritis.

(4) Soldier Sleeping Position

If you sleep on your back with legs straight and arms on the side, you sleep in the soldier position. It implies that you have a very reserved personality, and you find it hard to open up to people. This also means that you set high standards for yourself and others as well. And you always adhere to moral codes. Sleeping in this position may help you protect yourself from unwanted skin changes.

(5) Starfish Sleeping Position

The starfish position is sleeping on your back with your legs and arms our, covering the entire bed. It indicates that you are carefree and selfless. You are a good listener, make friends easily, and always ready to lend a helping hand. You don’t really like being the center of attention. People who sleep in this position may be prone to snoring sleep problems.

(6) Freefall Sleeping Position

Sleeping on your stomach, head turned and arms wrapped around the pillow make the freefall sleeping position. It means you are a bold and amicable person on the outside. But you are not really good at dealing with criticism or situations that are preposterous to you. It is said that introverts dislike this sleeping position. Moreover, this position is said to ease snoring.

(7) Pillow Hugging Sleeping Position

Pillow Huggers are the ones who have their limbs wrapped around a pillow or a stuffed toy. If you sleep in this position, this says that you are a happy go lucky person who values relationships more than anything. You love helping people and making them happy. You are affectionate and protective of what is yours.

(8) The Thinker Sleeping Position

People sleeping on their side curled up with their knees bent towards their stomach and one arm resting on/under the pillow while others on their chin. You are a natural evaluator. You are tough on the outside but more emotional than anyone around you. Your positive, as well as negative emotions, are always high. But this makes you a great friend.

(9) Stargazer Sleeping Position

Sleeping on your back with your arms under your head, this sleeping position is not so common. One of the most common traits of stargazers is that they are really great friends. You are almost always optimistic, and highly self-indulgent with lots of expectations. Body language is one of the best ways to get to learn about someone. So, just out of curiosity, which is your favorite sleeping position?

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