TREASURE, A famous Korean boy band today

Have you ever heard the song “da da da da da dr di” during these days? This lyric has been popular over several weeks in facebook, Instagram and other social media platform and wonder who sing this song? Then, this blog will tell you about that story.

Song available here:

Yes, this popular song is recorded by a Korean boy group called “Treasure”, and the group is from YG Entertainment (home to BLACKPINK) who officially made their long-anticipated debut on Friday, August 7, 2021, with “Boy”, the energetic lead track from their single album The First Step: Chapter One. Bursting with vitality and teenage confidence, the song is a fitting debut for the ensemble of young adults.

How did they become TREASURE?

The group was formed on a reality competition program (or, survival series) called Treasure Box that took YG’s most promising male trainees from South Korea and Japan and had them compete to become part of the final line up of the company’s new boy group. The size of the group was never specified, and throughout the series it would fluctuate between five and seven members. So it was a surprise when, in reality, 13 boys made the cut.

The idea was that Treasure 13 would promote together as well as in two separate units: Treasure and Magnum. However, after their debut was delayed several times, and one member called Yoonbin left the group, it was announced earlier 2021 that they’d debut as TREASURE, a cohesive, 12-member group. They released the bubblegum hype track “Going Crazy” as a pre-debut gift to patient fans shortly after.

What are their fans called?

Officially, fans of TREASURE are called Treasure Makers, but the members refer to their fans as Teume (“트메”) for short.

What makes TREASURE different with other groups?

As previously established, TREASURE is a large group, and while there are exceptions (like SEVENTEEN and The Boyz), the average size of Korean boy groups has been trending down in recent years. But this is exactly what makes TREASURE so unique, especially for a company like YG that’s never debuted a group of this size. There’s also the fact that TREASURE is the company’s first proper idol group in the sense that with their debut single “Boy” they’re bringing colorful music, fresh concepts, and large-scale synchronized choreography to a brand that’s historically been known for its cool image. TREASURE also hopes to hit big in other important Asian markets, with four of their members hailing from Japan, another first for YG. Rapper Haruto is already a fan favorite.

TREASURE Official Accounts:

Instagram: @yg_treasure_official

Twitter: @ygtreasuremaker

Twitter (Members): @treasuremembers

Facebook: Official Treasure


YouTube: Official Treasure

TikTok: @yg_treasure_tiktok

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