A  man has been collecting money since when he was young. He did not buy and eat anything. When he got 40 years old, he collected 1 million Dollars. He proposed marriage to his crush for a long time. The lady agreed and accepted his proposal. He will celebrate the wedding with her tomorrow. He was so happy to live with her and his collected money. He could not sleep until midnight because he was delighted and excited. Suddenly, he woke up and saw a man wearing and headscarf with black clothing and standing in the moonlight. That man was holding a sharply curved blade with a long handle. His face under the headscarf looked like the skull. He could not speak because he was so frightened. He took a risk  and asked him, “ who are you ?” The man replied to him, “ I am grim Reaper.”

Your time was up in the human world so that I would take you. The man was pulling his hand. He struggled to be free from writing, but he was more muscular than him. He was dragging toward the reaper gradually. He understood he could not pull back from him. He apologized to the reaper. I want to live three days more for extra in the human world. I will marry her tomorrow. May I  stay with my wife for three days? I will give you one-third of my money. The reaper replied, “ I could not and pulled his hand .”If so, could you give me two days and I will provide you with half of a million? “I couldn’t,” he replied and pulled his hand again. Was one day possible, I will give you all my money? You could not be allowed to stay more. He replied. He knew he could not cheat to the reaper. If so  I would like to write a  letter. The reaper allowed him. He prepared to write a letter,

“ Dear Friends

When you stay in the human world, do the good deeds for your life.

I have no chance to live here one more day even though I gave the one million.

According to my story, you have seen how time was so precious. ”

Initially Credit to Burmese by  BamMawTheinPhay

Translated by Empty5

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  1. This story is so meaningful that’s why we should never waste time. The present time can change your future life due to spending it in the right ways and on the right time.

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