Hello Dear Clickers,

Thank you very much for your continuous support  in this revolution. We all know that we are achieving our victory . We all know that it takes a long journey  and it makes us feel down when the revolution takes many precious lives. But , thinking of it , we are making the CHANGE. WE are the ONLY ONE WHO CAN CHANGE these horrible Juntas and terrible systems in our land. 

Of Course we are also normal human beings who have families , friends and things we want to do in our lives . Would like to recommend you to listen to this song. The song is one of my favorite songs from Japanese Rock Band ” ONE OK ROCK ” . The main vocalist TAKA’s vocal power is very powerful and the message in the lyrics always gives great energy to us. 

Please enjoy clicking . Lets get some energy from this song. I personally like all versions, MV version , studio version and Live tour version. But I prefer the Live tour version. Seeing the audience  really makes me very happy and gives me so much energy.

as  the lyrics , 



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    1. I think there is a myanmar copy song of it.I’m familiar with the rhyme.The Japanese singer’s voice is powerful like you said.

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