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Are you an extrovert or introvert person? If not, are you in the middle of extrovert and introvert?

What is an extrovert or introvert?

𝐈𝐧𝐭𝐫𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐒𝐨𝐧 is prefer spending time in solitude. And introvert person avoid being the center of attention.

Introvert person value close mind-to-mind communication; and they have usually few people around. In addition, they need time alone to recharge and reflect. Think before they speak and prefer working in quiet, independence environments. Sometimes you can see that they are isolated because they are more sociable with people they know.

π„π±π­π«πšπ―πžπ«π¬π’π¨π§ have large social networks. Extraverts enjoy being the center of attention, tend to think and loud love being in large groups. They gain energy from being around other people. Then they thrive in team-oriented and open work settings. They do quite decisions, outgoing, enthusiastic and positive. So, extravert person are speak more, easily distracted, gregarious & expressive and also excellent communicators.

In my view, introverts are more difficult than extraverts for a relationship. If you want to date with an introvert person, you must have enough patience to get to know him. Just one only.

Be patient and ask your partner!

There are four main types of introversion.

  • Social Introvert
  • Thinking Introvert
  • Anxious Introvert
  • Restrained Introvert

But I’ll not go into details. Because you can easily tell which type you belong to. So let me explain the type between extravert & introvert. And also the difference between them.

π—’π—Ίπ—»π—Άπ˜ƒπ—²π—Ώπ˜π˜€ prefer to hope from one end to the other. π—”π—Ίπ—―π—Άπ˜ƒπ—²π—Ώπ˜π˜€ stay between the extremes.

π—”π—Ίπ—―π—Άπ˜ƒπ—²π—Ώπ˜π˜€ tend to adapt to the social demands of the current situation.π—’π—Ίπ—»π—Άπ˜ƒπ—²π—Ώπ˜π˜€ will adjust depending on their internal circumstances.

π—”π—Ίπ—―π—Άπ˜ƒπ—²π—Ώπ˜π˜€ are more emotionally stable. π—’π—Ίπ—»π—Άπ˜ƒπ—²π—Ώπ˜π˜€ are emotionally flux.

π—”π—Ίπ—―π—Άπ˜ƒπ—²π—Ώπ˜π˜€ appear more like normal and balanced individuals. π—’π—Ίπ—»π—Άπ˜ƒπ—²π—Ώπ˜π˜€ are the opposite.

It is easy to misunderstand omniverts than ambiverts because they seem more fluid.

π—”π—Ίπ—―π—Άπ˜ƒπ—²π—Ώπ˜π˜€ neither try to avoid social situations nor seek them out actively. But whenever they start to socialise, they often look for individuals with whom they share the same characteristics.

With π—’π—Ίπ—»π—Άπ˜ƒπ—²π—Ώπ˜π˜€, their choice of company will depend on how fully they have recharged their social reserves. They can hang out with their peers, go out to party, or even decide to throw their party.

Well done! So what kind of person are you? Extrovert? Introvert? If not, are you ambivert?

  1. I am a introvert but I don’t know what type in four. My response skill is very very slower. I’m a slower and silent. The function of my brain is not equal with my moves. And then, I don’t know how to communicate with people. And I would like to stay in my own world and I am a dreamer.

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