The Indian Institute of Technology is opening for Myanmar Engineering students to apply for P.hd fellowship programs. They want to improve the relationship in a deep history between Myanmar and India. They plan to provide the funding to selected students by the Indian government. Monthly stipend and annual research grant up to 5 years. After celebrating the 25th anniversary of the ASEAN-India Commemorative Summit on 25th January 2018, they started the offer of the1000 Doctoral fellowships of ASEAN countries at India Institute of Technology.

           You can apply online and choose among 24 IITs of the world-class as you prefer Institute. If you are selected, the shortlists will be announced and interviewed online. Final selected applicants will be announced in their portal. The selection of criteria is the academic record must be over 60%. The most important thing is no need to show English Fluency Score. You must provide two recommendation letters. Furthermore, you need to check the admission criteria according to your chosen IITs.

           If you were selected, you would receive a monthly stipend of about 408.18 USD for the first two years and 460.8 USD for the remaining years. You will get a total of up to 5 years. Additionally, 2238 USD will be provided for the research, books, and travel. The only thing to bear in mind is you have to pay the tuition and hostel fee by yourself. The tuition and hostel fees will vary according to the selected IITs. But you can pay this fee with a monthly stipend. Fees will be provided in the offer letter. Visa and airfare may take responsible by scholars. The cost of first coming to India will be repaid from the research grant amount. You can check the information of Visa at the Embassy of India in Yangon.

In my opinion, the fellowship amount will be low but this program is one of to choose a study abroad. You can study more in the attached link. Good Luck!


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