A masterpiece of 21st century: I Told Sunset About You

Have you ever noticed that Asian countries including Korea and Thailand have been producing quality movies including LGBTQ series and a lot of them have got attention from international fans? Among these, this blog will tell you about a masterpiece “I told sunset about you” which have won 9 awards including International Drama of the Year by Soul International Drama Award 2021.

What makes it different with other movies?

A well written screenplay

“I Told Sunset About You,” which follows two teenage boys, Teh and Oh-aew, who explore their relationship while coming to terms with their identities, teenage angst and love for one another.

Teh and Oh-aew used to be childhood best friends, but they had a falling out, causing them not to speak to each other for several years. During senior year of high school, their paths intertwine once again as they prepare for university admissions at a Chinese-language tutorial school.

As the story progresses, they slowly rekindle their friendship, growing closer and forming a bond that extends beyond friendship.

It is the director, Naruebet Kuno’s, ability to set a scene and the actors’ ability to brilliantly portray the complex characters as they grow and change. The audience can feel the initial awkwardness between the characters, leaving us swirling in confusion.

The audience can feel the love between the characters, leaving us with erotic sensations and understandings of how pure teenage love can be. The audience can feel the heartbreak between the characters, leaving us with the belief that we are going through the same thing as the characters.

Samantha told that “The actors’ ability to express emotions by using their eyes and facial expressions instead of words puts the whole series on a different level- no, a different world”.

Photo by Boyhood movie

The Beautiful Cinematography

Told Sunset About You was shot in Phuket, Thailand, which is undoubtedly a beautiful place to begin with, but Boss has such a fantastic eye to capture a scene, and some of these shots are just beyond stunning. The cinematography is one of the best parts of I Told Sunset About You, and it keeps your eyes glued to the screen. One thing is for sure when Boss is behind a project nothing is arbitrary, every shot and camera angle is planned, every open window and piece of clothing – especially its color – has meaning as much as every location does. I Told Sunset About You is truly a work of art.

Photo by Boyhood movie

Fabulous Score and OST

All songs used in the background of the show are composed by Vichaya Vatanasapt, giving I Told Sunset About You its own original score. These songs truly set the mood of every scene, (we maybe have been listening to these classical pieces more than we would like to admit). Every time ‘Phuket Confusion’ plays we are taken right back to that scene in episode four, it’s so powerful. But besides an original score, ITSAY also has OSTs sung by both main actors, PP Krit and Billkin, each song is absolutely beautiful.


One of the OST:

Billkin – แปลไม่ออก OST แปลรักฉันด้วยใจเธอ [Official MV]

Full episodes available at I Told Sunset About You

In wrap up, it is highly recommended to see this worthy series!

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  1. Wow!Now it is BL drama turn.Mostly I watch movies just with screenshots 😅.
    I wanna parise Thailand for making hit BL movies.

  2. Ohh, I wanna say first, website creator is so smart. I’m not BL drama fan but I love this article. I’m a Korea drama fan. This article is really good to read. Thanks for creating this article.🙆‍♀️💞

      1. In Korea ongoing dream, I wanna recommend “shooting stars” and “my liberation notes”. I’m highly recommend these two series.

  3. I like watching movie . BUT I can’t see anymovie after coup Cuz I have to do every day click by click 😂.
    That’s why I sware everyday MaALa is kmkl
    ThaKaSa ☹️
    ( အီးလိုမတတ်တစ်ခေါက်သာတတ် ၍ မှားနေရင်သည်းခံပြီးဖတ်ပေးပါ 😅 စိတ်အနှောင့်အယှက်ဖြစ်စေမိရင်လည်း ဆောရီးပါ )🤞

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